The History of Pop’s

Pop’s Clubhouse 2830-32 24th Street


It was first thought that Pops was opened in 1947 by World War II gunner Jack O’Connor returning home from the South Pacific. The story was that his father helped him open the bar, hence the name Pop’s. This date was eventually proved wrong by the finding of a published photograph from the SF historical center dated March, 27th 1941. However very little was known about Pops prior to 1947 until one day, the grand–son (Brian Saxsenmier) of the original owner came in and told us that his Grandfather AKA POPS was the real POPS.  Through a records search this story was proved correct, however the actual start date still remains in question and has not been proven



Prior to 1937


Rumor has it that Pops ran the Clubhouse, during Prohibition where alcohol was served but the exact date can’t be confirmed. However we do have confirmation of him as a bootlegger



Carl Joseph Saxsenmeier AKA: POPS



POPS sold to Jack Pryal



 Jerry (POPS) & Jack (Son) O’Connor,

Got married sold the bar. Got divorced opened up the New Hearth on Geary “High Balls and High Times.” He was married five times and liked to gamble.




 Charlie Leahy

Sold the bar when he married the daughter of the owners of St. Francis Fountian.


 Buff “Red” Volkmeir , Walt Brennan (Grand-Uncle of California Governor Gavin Newson) & Albert Beurgelson


Bob & Connie Griffin & Jacqueline Griffin

1971 moved to 2800 24th



The Castillo Family


1985- 1994

Bradlee J Fitzgerald

Changed the name to Pop’s Bar



 Frances Prieto



 Malia Spanyol & Harmony Urmston


2014- Michael Spike Krouse & Tom Tierney